19 Things I Learned in 2019

As this year and decade draw to a close, it is important to spend a little time reflecting on all the events and lessons that have come and gone.  The year 2019 reminded me of a number of things I have always known to be true…but somehow 2019 just helped reinforce them in a big, bold way.  Some of these items overlap a bit and some may sound rather cliché, but regardless, these are the things I am leaving 2019 with and have an ever-better understanding of… the good, bad, and indifferent. 

  1. Life is short and it is precious… Don’t waste a moment of it.
  2. Perspective… Take time to get some on every issue.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  4. (It is all small stuff.)
  5. Stop and breathe.
  6. Laughter is truly good for the soul.
  7. Learn from kids and animals… They know something about life and perspective that most adults seem to have forgotten.
  8. Self-care is non-negotiable.
  9. I am enough.
  10. I matter.
  11. Open, honest communication is the key to pretty much everything.
  12. Play… It shouldn’t stop just because we get a little bit older.
  13. Listen to that still, small voice inside… It knows.
  14. I always have a choice.
  15. Just be nice.
  16. Every day is a new beginning that I get to design.
  17. Our choices as consumers matter. A lot.
  18. No is an okay answer sometimes.
  19. There is always time for the people and things that really, truly matter.

Through all the events, celebrations, tragedies… Through all the people I have met and gotten to interact with in 2019, these are the lessons with which I leave this year and this decade.  What has 2019 taught you?  I invite you to pause for a few moments over these next few days to reflect on this past year and the past decade, considering your lessons and areas of growth.

Wishing you all the best in 2020!

Namaste! – Bobbi Billman, Ignite Yoga & Wellness Owner

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