20 Things I Learned in 2020

Every year teaches us something, wouldn’t you agree? In fact, we usually learn several things over the course of a given year.  The year 2020 has been unlike any in years in this life. No shortage of lessons for sure and I share my top 20 lessons from 2020 with you here.

1. Life is precious and it is short. Make each day count in all things you do.
2. Looking at the highlight of events and happenings in 2020 – so much loss, so much pain and suffering, so much struggle.

3. Loneliness has a whole new meaning in a social distanced world.
4. Togetherness has a whole new meaning in a quarantine-centered world.
5. Mental health is REALLY important and yet resources are not vast enough to meet the needs.
6. Convenience and laziness at their finest… Amazon, Doordash, Instacart, Shipt, and more. You really never need to leave your house – convenient and dangerous at the same time.

7. Masks can be quite fashionable while also igniting quite a bit of discussion and controversy.
8. Zoom for meetings, family game nights, happy hours, book clubs, dance classes, conferences, and more… who would have ever thought this is how we’d do business and spend time with our family, friends, and colleagues? Let’s be honest – we all are wishing we owned stock in Zoom when COVID hit. 
9. Yoga at home is pretty convenient.
10. Working from home is also pretty nice because who doesn’t like being in their comfy clothes during those long work meetings?
11. Working from home, the downside – the proximity to the kitchen and never really leaving your job.
12. Memes and video parodies galore… Bored people come up with some funny stuff for which I am grateful as it helped me laugh about this whole mess when I needed it most.
13. I am in awe of the creativity of my fellow humans as we reinvented so much about our lives and our work in order to stay afloat (mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.) in 2020.
14. Toilet paper could be the next form of currency (which is a sad state of affairs).

15. Being a small business is hard enough most days. Covid made it nearly impossible and my heart goes out to my fellow small business owners.
16. Self-care is essential. Be unapologetically caring of yourself, always.
17. We all can make a difference – each one of us – by our words and our actions. Choose to be a nice human.
18. All humans have a breaking point so being kind to others is perhaps the most generous thing you can do for someone.
19. Our essential workers truly are essential. Many, many thanks to them for all they have done in 2020.

20. 2020 was hard…I learned a lot, I cried a lot, I missed people and events a lot, and I have grown a lot as a person.

Here’s to a happier, healthier, and brighter 2021! Namaste!

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