6 Poses for Breast Health

Those of us who practice yoga regularly know that yoga does a lot of wonderful things for the body, and when it comes to breast health specifically, yoga provides many important benefits.  For example:

  • Heart opening poses and twists improve/increase circulation in the chest and lymphatic system, thus improving immune function in the body.
  • Deep breathing during a yoga practice helps bring more oxygen to the upper lobes of the lungs, which in turn facilitates the release of more oxygen into the upper chest and lymphatic areas, again helping to boost the immune system.
  • Yoga in general helps to reduce stress and boost immunity, particularly resting poses that help to soothe the nervous system (switching on our parasympathetic nervous system, which again helps to improve our immune system).

So, when it comes to breast health, yoga is clearly a good addition to your overall health regiment.  And it doesn’t have to be a lengthy daily practice.  In truth, a few poses a day goes a long way toward helping you maintain optimal breast health.

Here are a few poses you can practice at home that specifically target the chest and the lymphatic system so you can help maintain optimal breast health…

  1. Child’s pose
  2. Cat/Cow
  3. Seated Spinal Twist
  4. Fish pose
  5. Reclining Supine Twist
  6. Savasana

Additionally, breath work and meditation are extremely beneficial to breast health.  Make them part of your warmup/centering activities at the start of your practice, add them in with your savasana, or practice them separately…regardless of when you add them in, they are excellent options for decreasing stress and improving your immune system.

Just a few poses a day to help you maintain optimal breast health.  May your yoga practice to continue to blossom and bloom.  Be well yogis! Namaste.

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