April Wellness Challenges

The Yoga Challenge – Tree Pose Challenge

What: Tree Pose Challenge

When: April 1-30, 2021


1.     Take a picture of yourself doing Tree pose at different locations (home, work, out and about, different stores, etc.)

2.     Each picture of you doing tree pose somewhere new/different is an entry into a drawing for a free month of yoga!!

3.     By April 30th, you have two options for submitting your pictures in order to be entered into the drawing:

a.     Post your pics on Facebook and tag Ignite Yoga & Wellness (this option gets you a bonus entry into the drawing) 

b.     Email all your pics to Bobbi 

4.     The winner of the drawing will be announced on May 1st!!


1.     Because tree pose is fun.

2.     Because balance is important.

3.     Because practicing a pose helps us become stronger in the pose.

4.     Because there’s prizes!!!

The Nutrition Challenge – Healthy Oils Challenge

What: Healthy Oils Challenge

When: April 1-30, 2021


1.     Pick one healthy oil (olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil) and use that instead of other, unhealthy oils when you cook at home during the month of April.

2.     Keep in mind olive oil is best for dressings and very low heat cooking styles, coconut oil is best for low to medium heat cooking styles, while avocado oil can be used for higher heat cooking.  (If you use olive oil or coconut oil at high temps they break down and become toxic in the body – this is the same thing that happens at all temps with corn oil, canola, oil, and vegetable oil

3.     Feel free to play with all three of these healthy oils if you want, but at least try for one – remember, small steps lead to big change!


1.     Because your overall health and nutrition are important.

2.     Because through small steps we can make big changes in our lives.

3.     Because you are worth it.

4.     Because these healthy oils are tasty as well as healthy!

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