Benefits of Giving/Serving Others

We always hear about how we should be of service, help others, give our time, our money, and/or our talents because it feels good to do so.  And if you have ever done any of those things you know there is some truth to that argument.  But there is so much more to it than that.  So much more to giving and serving than just feeling good.

There have actually been scientific studies done on the benefits of helping others.  One study cited 7 scientific benefits:

  1. Helps you live longer
  2. It is contagious
  3. Makes us happy
  4. Helps with chronic pain
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Promotes positive behaviors in young people (especially teens)
  7. Gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction

Other research has shown that helping others also brings us closer together, helps us to keep things in perspective, improve your outlook on life, increases your self-esteem, and can decrease depression.

So, you see, it isn’t just about feeling good when we help others.  There are plenty of great benefits to both us and those we are helping.  Even more reasons to find a way to be of service today and every day.  In this season of giving, consider starting a tradition that you carry with you into the new year.  Remember, being of service doesn’t have to be big, grand acts or financial donations.  Even the smallest of things, when they are done in the service of others, is incredibly meaningful.

May you have a blessed and beautiful holiday season this December.  And we look forward to seeing you back on the blog in 2021. Namaste.

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