Benefits of Heart Opening Poses

We shared some examples of heart opening poses in an earlier blog post this month (if you missed that post be sure to go back and check it out) and now we want to take a moment to focus on why you should do them.  What do they have to offer us?

Heart opening poses offer a whole host of benefits.  And there’s no better time than February to pay a little more attention to them.  But what makes them so great?  We list out some of the specific benefits below, but let’s talk about heart openers from a broader perspective for a moment.

We can all likely surmise some of the benefits of heart opening poses just thinking about what those poses are doing for our physical body when we are in them.  But there’s more to a good heart opener than just the physical effects on the chest.  There’s a whole energetic and emotional side to heart openers as well. 

By the very nature of most of our lives, we end up holding so much of our stress and emotions in the tissues of our body.  Through these heart opening poses, that extend, expand, lift, and add more space to the chest area, we help to remove some of the tension in the tissues in that area and thus encourage more circulation of blood, oxygen, and prana (our life force energy) through that area. With heart-openers, we may feel a release of all kinds of emotions.

So, with all that said, here is a list of the main benefits of heart opening poses:

  1. Healthy, more flexible spine
  2. Flexible rib cage
  3. Better breathing
  4. Helps with cleansing out old emotions
  5. Reverse bad posture
  6. Create anatomical balance
  7. Become more open to love and feelings of love toward yourself and others
  8. Clear the Heart chakra
  9. Increase energy
  10. And last but not least, given how many of us sit all day, it just feels good!

We hope you consider giving heart opening poses a try in your own practice, especially after a long day at your computer or driving in your car.  It will feel so good for your body to move into one of these opening poses.  So many benefits to enjoy.  Namaste.

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