Benefits of Living an Eco-friendly Life

Depending on what types of things you are doing to support the environment, you will find a variety of benefits to those practices.  Benefits for you and the Earth.  Aside from feeling good about doing those good things, you might find that you:

  1. Save money through eco-friendly upgrades to your home
  2. Waste less by reducing waste, reusing, and recycling
  3. Find more efficient ways to do things
  4. Reduce environmental pollution
  5. Support local, sustainable farming
  6. Improve your health
  7. Reduce energy costs
  8. Conserve natural resources and forests
  9. Look and feel healthier
  10. Reduce your individual carbon footprint

No matter how you look at it, making even a few small changes is good for you and for the planet.  As April draws to a close, and another Earth Day is behind us, consider one additional thing you can do to make a difference.  Maybe it is using reusable shopping bags every week at the grocery store or turning off lights every time you leave a room.  Maybe it is switching to a refillable glass water bottle or being more conscious of the amount of water you use on a daily basis.  Maybe it is buying from your local farmers market or carpooling with work colleagues to lessen the amount of vehicle emissions.  Perhaps you will install eco-friendly light bulbs and windows in your home or change to a more renewable energy resource for your electricity. 

Regardless of what you do, know that every little thing matters.  Make one change today, then maybe add another one next month or next quarter.  Slowly build up your arsenal of environmentally friendly habits and choices and before you know it you will be an environmental superhero! 

We get this one planet to share with all the generations that have come before us and all those who will come after us.  Let’s endeavor to take good care of this gift so our children’s great-grandchildren will have a healthy planet to thrive on as well. Namaste.

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