Benefits of Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Earlier this month we talked about ways to modify Reclining Bound Angle, a wonderful restorative pose that can help you chill out and relieve stress.  But this pose does so much more than just offer us relief from stress.  Here are twelve other ways this pose benefits us:

  1. Stretches the groin, knees and thighs
  2. Opens the hips and increases flexibility in the hip flexors
  3. Improves the function of the digestive and reproductive systems
  4. Soothes internal organs
  5. Great pose for meditation or general relaxation
  6. Relieves many PMS symptoms
  7. Generally a relaxing pose for pregnant women
  8. Helps with sleep/insomnia (when practiced prior to your bedtime)
  9. Stimulates the chest/heart region
  10. Helps improve blood pressure and circulation
  11. Relieves varicose veins and sciatica
  12. Helps improve posture

With so many benefits, and the fact that it feels so good to be in, why wouldn’t you use this as your go to pose when things are feeling a bit hectic and harried?  Give it a try tonight…settle into this amazingly beneficial pose, relax, breathe, and enjoy. Namaste.

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