Benefits of Slowing Down & Reflecting

Everyone feels the hectic pace of life these days.  At work, at home, and all around us, we are constantly bombarded with information, decisions, and general “noise”.  We are expected to continually go and keep up with the crazy pace of life, which of course adds tremendously to our stress and anxiety levels, makes us feel hurried/rushed, and impatient.  It also can cause us to force things and/or just go through the motions.  I like to refer to it as the hamster wheel effect – we hop on the wheel every morning and just go until we reach the end of the day exhausted and not fully comprehending what all has transpired…then we get up the next day and do it again. And before long we find ourselves years into a career, marriage, etc. with little to show for it and/or with a sense of dissatisfaction.

What’s missing for most of us is the idea of taking time to slow down, reflect, and make informed decisions daily.  It’s definitely something that is hard to do at the pace we find ourselves moving.  We have to be very intentional to make the time, otherwise we keep moving on that daily hamster wheel.  But why, if it is so hard to carve out the time to slow down and reflect, would we even want to try?  A few benefits to consider include:

  1. Make fewer mistakes/better decisions…not to mention clearer thinking in general
  2. Hear your intuition (so you can act on it)
  3. Lower stress and anxiety and in many cases prevent burnout
  4. Better communication and deeper connections with others
  5. Open up your creativity more
  6. Achieve more/bigger
  7. Provide some mental “downtime”…a very healthy thing for the brain
  8. Appreciate your days more…gratitude is powerful

Clearly slowing down is good for us (our body, our mind, our relationships, etc.).  It’s time to take better control of our own lives, so I invite you to consider how you might begin to slow down in your own life.  Give yourself permission to create time when you can slow down, put your devices away, step off that hamster wheel, and set out to do something like meditate, play, get out in nature, spend quality time with family/friends, or just spend some quiet time alone in reflection.  Namaste.

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