February Wellness Challenges

The Yoga Challenge 

What: The “Share the Love” Yoga Challenge

When: February 1st February 28th


1.     Invite a friend who has not come to an Ignite virtual class to join you for a class in February.  Have your friend register for the class online.  (Please note that your friend will need to pay for the class and can do so online when they register.)

2.     Email Bobbi (ignitepyoy@gmail.com) to indicate who your friend is and when they are coming to a class.  

3.     Once your friend successfully completes a class, you get one entry into a drawing for a free month of yoga.

4.     Want more entries into that drawing? 

a.     Invite multiple friends… for each friend who successfully completes a class as described above you will get an entry into the drawing.

b.     If one of your friends joins Ignite (buys a monthly unlimited pass or a punch card) in February, you will receive another entry into the drawing. 


1.     Because it’s February so we gotta share the love

2.     Because who doesn’t like to hang out with their friends

3.     Because we all could use a little more social interaction with good people

4.     Because a MONTH of FREE YOGA!

The Nutrition Challenge 

What: Eat Your Veggies Challenge

When: February 1st February 28th


1.     Use the provided veggie tracker sheet to track the veggies you eat every day during the month of February.  (Note – the tracker is designed for one week so you would use a new sheet each week)

2.     The tracker has you aiming for 10 servings of veggies a day, which may be a lot depending on how many you eat per day right now.  Make it your goal to add on more veggies each day so that by the end of the month you are at or almost at 10 servings per day.

3.     Try new veggies and/or try veggies you have eaten before but cooked in new ways.

4.     Try to “eat the rainbow” to get a nice variety of nutrients.

5.     At the end of the month email a scanned copy or clear photo of your tracking sheet to ignitepyoy@gmail.com for an entry into a drawing for one of several fabulous prizes – there are 5 prizes for this drawing so that can mean your odds of winning are pretty good! March 1st is the deadline to turn in your tracker for the drawing.


1.     Because your veggies are good for you.

2.     Because if you tracked your food last month you probably discovered that you don’t eat enough veggies…just saying. 😉

3.     Because it will make you feel better and improve your overall health and nutrition.

4.     Because someone said there’s lots of prizes!!

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