Introducing Ignite Yoga & Wellness

Ignite has definitely seen some changes over the years – a location change in 2015, an ownership change in 2017, and now an official name change in 2019.  Through it all, our mission has remained the same.

New business name launch – May 27th, 2019.

Our purpose has always been to inspire and cultivate a community of students who live their yoga on and off the mat… who strive to live the best version of their lives each day.  With every class and workshop, our intention has always been to provide a peaceful, safe, and welcoming space for students of all shapes, sizes, ages, and experience levels.  We passionately stand by this mission at Ignite Yoga & Wellness.

As we head into a new era here at Ignite, we are extremely excited to expand the ways in which we will be able to help our students meet their yoga and wellness needs.  With the name change comes additional offerings, while still maintaining all the yoga classes and workshops you have come to love and expect from us.

So, with the name change to Ignite Yoga & Wellness, what stays the same?

  • Our weekly yoga classes and our incredible yoga instructors,
  • Monthly yoga workshops and specialty classes,
  • The opportunity to book private yoga lessons for yourself, you and some friends, or in the workplace,
  • And of course, our mission.

What will be different now that it is Ignite Yoga & Wellness?

  • Private Nutrition Coaching sessions
  • Nutrition Cleanse Groups
  • Goal Setting & Personal Coaching
  • Reiki sessions
  • Private Restorative Yoga sessions with Reiki & Essential Oils
  • Even more workshops on wellness topics like Healing Qigong

Yoga means union, to yoke, or bring together, and that is what Ignite is all about… and now in even more and exciting ways.  Come join us with an open heart and mind, and we will help you develop a strong yoga and wellness practice that will help to sustain you through all you do every day.


Bobbi Billman, Owner of Ignite Yoga & Wellness

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