January Wellness Challenges

The Yoga Challenge

What: Bingo, yoga style (for prizes)

When: January 1st through January 31st (you can start any time in that window)


  1. Sign up for the challenge by emailing ignitepyoy@gmail.com (this is how you will receive your unique Yoga bingo card)
  2. Mark off items on your bingo card as you complete them
    • For poses and breath work items, they much be completed during an Ignite class…for example if you have mountain pose or Breath of Joy on your card, if you attend an Ignite class when the teacher has you do one of those things you can mark it off on your bingo card
    • For names of classes, you can mark those off after attending one of them
    • For other items, such as subscribe to Ignite YouTube channel or Unlimited Monthly membership, you can mark those as complete if you do/have them.
    • Any questions, feel free to reach out to Bobbi for clarifications
  3. When you achieve Bingo send a photo of your card clearly showing Bingo to ignitepyoy@gmail.com (be sure to include your name as not everyone’s email addresses let us know who the sender is).  Bobbi will reach out to those who achieve Bingo with your prize options (the sooner you win, the more prizes options there will be available to pick from).
  4. Bingo is achieved across, up, down, or diagonal.  
  5. Once you have achieved a Bingo you may not win again, HOWEVER be sure to keep playing because if you Black out your card by January 31st you will be entered into a drawing for a free month of yoga!!!  (Again, you would send a photo of your Blocked out card to ignitepyoy@gmail.com to be entered in that drawing)


  1. Because everyone loves bingo!
  2. Because it is gonna be a blast!
  3. Because you might just get to try a new class, pose, or breath!

The Nutrition Challenge

What: Food Journaling Challenge (I see you rolling your eyes…trust me this will be fun…plus there’s prizes involved!)

When: January 1st through January 31st (you can start any time in that window but in order to be eligible for prizes you must complete at least 3 weeks of a food journal)


  1. Find a nice little journal, notebook, or stack of scrap paper (no, really, whatever works for you)…and write “January 2021 Food Journaling Challenge” at the top of the first page.
  2. Keep track of everything you eat, every day for a month…yep EVERYDAY.
    • Doesn’t have to be anything fancy…just a little list of all the things you ate (indicating the meal you ate it for is optional…it can literally be one long list for each day).
    • Specific quantities aren’t necessary, just a quick list of what you ate at each meal.
    • Don’t forget the snacks!
    • Bonus points if you include how much water you drank each day
    • Bonus points if you include the time of day you ate things
  3. Make it fun…use crayons, colored pens or markers, draw pics, whatever makes it fun for you.
  4. Forgot to do it one day, no worries…write down what you can remember and then pick up where you left off the next day.  No worries.
  5. As you go through the month, allow what you notice about your eating habits to inform your choices.  For example, maybe you start to notice you snack a lot during the day on junk food, don’t eat many green leafy veggies, drink more soda than you thought you did, skip meals more often than you thought you did, eat later at night more often than you thought you did, etc.  Notice your trends and let those things guide future decisions.
  6. To be entered into the drawing for prizes:
    • Send a short burb (written or audio/video) to Bobbi telling her the biggest thing you learned about your eating patterns in January
    • Include a photo of an piece of your food journal for an additional entry
    • All entries received by the end of the day February 1st will be included in the drawing for prizes.


  1. Because awareness is the most important step!
  2. Because everyone loves a new challenge!
  3. Because Christmas cookies, candy, the holidays and New Year’s, and ARGH!!!!
  4. Because someone said there’s prizes!!

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