June Wellness Challenges

The Yoga Challenge 

What: Self-care challenge

When: June 1-30, 2021


1.     Do at least one thing for yourself every day of this month – this has to be something for JUST YOU.  This can be yoga, meditation, eating healthy, getting extra sleep, enjoying some quiet time, exercise, soak in the tub, time with a friend, being out in nature or any other activity that relaxes you and brings you joy.

2.     Track how you care for yourself using the Self-care Weekly tracker provided or through a method that you find works best for you. If you use the tracker feel free to try the ideas provided or add your own.

3.     Try adding a second self-care item for yourself in week 2.  A third in week 3, etc.  Find creative times and ways to fit little bits of self-care into your day.

4.     Bonus task – find a self-care accountability buddy to help keep you on track and motivated to take care of yourself this month.

5.     At the end of the month notice how you feel, how things may have shifted for you in your life…and consider keeping this challenge alive for more than just this one month…make it a part of your daily routines.


1.     Because you are worth it.

2.     Because without caring for yourself first you cannot care properly for others.

3.     Because it will greatly benefit your overall health and wellness as well as your relationships.

4.     Because it will feel good and help you to feel even better about yourself and about life in general.

The Nutrition Challenge 

What: Hydration Challenge

When: June 1-30, 2021


1.     Use the provided hydration tracker sheet to track the amount of water you drink every day during the month of June.  

2.     The tracker has you aiming for 8 glasses of water a day, which may be a lot depending on how much you drink per day right now.  Make it your goal to add on more water each day so that by the end of the month you are at or almost at 8 glasses per day.

3.     Try water infused with fruit and/or veggies.  Be careful not to use artificial sweeteners or overly sweet flavor additives to your water.

4.     At the end of the month email a scanned copy or clear photo of your tracking sheet to ignitepyoy@gmail.com for an entry into a drawing for one of several fabulous prizes – there are 3 prizes for this drawing so that can mean your odds of winning are pretty good!). July 1st is the deadline to turn in your tracker for the drawing.


1.     Because it is good to stay hydrated.

2.     Because you probably don’t drink enough enough…just saying. 😉

3.     Because it will make you feel better and improve your overall health and nutrition.

4.     Because someone said there’s lots of prizes!!

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