Kundalini Yoga | 2020 Dates

Important information about upcoming Kundalini Yoga classes (from March 2020 until further notice):

Our in person Kundalini yoga class have been cancelled for the time being, however…we are thrilled to announce that instead of the regular scheduled Kundalini class we will hold the class online via Zoom. It will be held at the same time (2 pm) – but please plan to join a couple of minutes before 2 pm. Sign up for the class like normal (see the pre-registration link below) and within an hour of the class you will receive a Zoom link to attend the class.

Please have paper & pen, your yoga mat, a cushion or chair, as well as a blanket and eye pillow. Please also plan to be in a quiet place.

Join us for a special and limited Kundalini yoga series at Ignite Yoga & Wellness in 2020!

The yoga of awareness is a combination of exercises and meditations that promotes health, happiness, and spiritual awareness.

There are three basic components to Kundalini Yoga:

1) The physical postures which include yogic stretching and movement, referred to as kriyas, these exercises strengthen and balance the nervous system, glandular and the circulatory system and promote optimum physical health.

2) Breathing exercises which support the processing of feelings, controlling moods, and deepening concentration.

3) Mantra (sound) and meditation exercises work to direct and discipline the mind. The practice of kundalini yoga can support you in meeting life’s challenges with strength, grace and courage.

Instructor ~ Carolyn Whitt, M. S.  

Classes are from 2PM to 3:30PM on the following dates:

1/19/20, 2/2/20, 2/16/20, 3/15/20, 3/22/20, 4/5/20, 4/19/20, 5/3/20.

Cost is $15 per class. Pre-registration is required.

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