March Yogis of the Month – June Guyer & Andrea Nicholas

March Yogis of the Month – June Guyer and Andrea Nicholas

June and I are retirees, sisters and best friends. We decided we wanted to take care of our bodies and do some form of exercise after we retired. We decided on yoga. We chose Ignite Yoga studio because it has very talented instructors and it was midway driving distance from both our homes. We are glad we did.

Our first yoga class was about 14 months ago. We were both unsteady and uncoordinated in our poses. We found yoga with its deep breathing was calming, centering and rejuvenating. The instructors are very helpful in adjusting our poses. We soon learned that it didn’t matter that our poses were not as perfect as some of the more seasoned yogis. Every person is different and you do what is comfortable for your body and your personal limitations. We enjoy the classes and continue challenging our bodies with new strengths and longer poses. We love yoga now and attend slow flow yoga twice a week, chair yoga twice a week, and yin/restorative classes.

As retirees, yoga gave us strength, flexibility, balance, and peace of mind in this hectic world. We enjoy chattering with our fellow yogis and instructors who are now our very special friends. Now 14 months later, we feel strong, confident and in alignment with our life. We enjoy the gift of life with all its ups and downs and inspire others to do the same. Yoga can change your life.


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