Meditation for Focus & Goal Achievement

Before you sit down to plan out your goals for the month or year, spending some time in stillness can be a great help.  Allowing the mind and body to relax, let go of attachments, expectations, stresses, and worries will help you to focus on the task at hand. 

Below is a short breathing activity and meditation designed to help you gain clarity and focus for planning, and ultimately achieving, your 2021 goals.

Note – You will need a candle for this meditation.

Sit comfortably with shoulders relaxed and your head, neck, and shoulders in alignment. You may choose to close your eyes softly.  Just relax and breathe for a few rounds of breath.  Letting go of the day…letting go of the week…letting go of anything else you are holding on to that isn’t serving you.  As you continue to breathe, allow each exhale to bring relaxation to the muscles in your body

When your body begins to feel a bit more settled, muscles relaxing and breath evening out, bring your awareness to your nostrils.  Feel each inhale and exhale as the breath comes and goes.  Feel the coolness of the inhale.  Feel the warmth of the exhale.  No need to count the breath…just feel it, observe it over and over again.  If thoughts try to distract you, simply notice the thoughts and release them, then turn back to the breath at the tips of the nostrils.  Continue this focused breath practice for 1-2 mins or until you feel yourself relaxing more into the breath.

At this point open your eyes, if they were previously closed, and begin to gaze at your candle.  You may choose to gaze down at the flame or to set the candle up on a surface so that your gaze ins in line with the flame itself.  Either way, focus your gaze on the candle flame.  No thoughts, no judgements, no mental chatter about the flame…just observation of the flame.  Allow the breath to continue to flow naturally as you watch the flame.  If other thoughts do come up, let them go and bring your focus back to the breath and to the flame.  Stay here for as long as you like, but preferably at least 3-5 minutes to allow the mind to begin to clear a bit and for the body to more fully relax.

When this practice feels complete for you, take a nice deep breath in and sigh it out.  You are now ready to go sit and work on your goal planning.  Namaste.

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