Meditation for Gratitude

This simple meditation will help you to not only relax but to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude in your being as well.  It is especially good for when you are feeling frustrated, depressed, or struggling in some area of your life.  If helps you remember all the many blessings I your life, despite what challenges may be before you.  May this meditation serve you well.

Find a comfortable seat, relax your shoulders and close your eyes softly.  Take a deep breath in, hold it for a second, and then release it. Do that two more times.  Then allow the breath to flow naturally. 

With each exhale, allow the body to relax a little bit more deeply.  Relax the crown of you head…your temples…your cheeks…your jaw…and your throat.  Allow the arms to be heavy, fingers relaxed.  Relax your low back, hips and buttocks.  Relax your knees, ankles and toes.  Feel the body relaxing…becoming heavier…sinking into your seat.

Begin to release the thoughts of the day, the week…anything that is not serving you.  Release stresses, tensions, and worries.  Release it all…everything but the breath…stay with the breath.

Now bring your awareness into your heart.  Feel your heart beating…notice the rate of your heartbeat…the sound of your heartbeat.  Notice where exactly you feel the heartbeat in your chest.  Take a few minutes just to connect with your heart.

Begin to allow a sense of love and gratitude to well up in your heart space.  If it helps, think of special loved ones or other things in your life for which you are grateful.  Feel that sense of deep love and gratitude filling your heart space and just allow yourself to be in that feeling for a few moments.

Now send thoughts of gratitude out to your family….to your neighbors…to your colleagues at work/school…to the people you pass in the street or at the store…to the people who grow your food, package it, and deliver to the stores…to the people you don’t agree with…to the people who frustrate or challenge you…to nature and the environment…to people all over the world.  Feel your gratitude reaching out to the universe.  Breathe that deep sense of gratitude for all beings and all creatures in and out.

Stay with feeling of gratitude for as long as you want.  When you are ready to complete this meditation simply release that feeling of gratitude out into the universe and bring your attention back to the breath.  Take a nice deep breath in and exhale it fully.  Allow your breath to flow naturally, sitting with your breath until the meditation feels complete.  Then slowly open your eyes.


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