Meditation for Mother Earth

For this month’s meditation on the blog, we will feature a meditation for Mother Earth – a meditation to reflect and connect with our beautiful planet.  If you can, consider practicing this meditation outside.  Now, let’s find a comfortable seat and begin.

Relax your body into your comfortable seated position.  Roll your shoulders away from your ears.  Settle into your breath, letting go of anything that is not serving you.  Let go of stresses and worries.  Let go of tightness and tension.  Just stay here with the breath.  (Feel free to stay here for up to 2-3 minutes if it helps you release and relax for the meditation practice.)

Now imagine in your mind’s eye the planet Earth.  Visualize the planet as if looking at it from space.  Notice the blues of the oceans and other bodies of water.  Notice the greens and browns of the land and trees.  Notice the white of the clouds swirling about in the atmosphere.  Just stay here in this visual for a few moments.

Next, begin to consider all the ways the planet provides for us every day.  (Pause up to 30 secs on each of these prompts.)  The air we breathe.  The water we drink.  The ground we walk on, build on, grow food on.  The trees and plants that provide us with raw materials, medicine, and food.  The animals, birds, and fish.  The people who live on this planet alongside you.  Just spend some time here, reflecting on all the gifts the Earth provides us.

Now begin to visualize the current state of our planet.  The pollution.  Deforestation.  Loss of ecosystems, of flora, and fauna.  Reflecting on the impact we have had on the planet in the name of progress and industrialization.  Consider the magnitude of our impact on the planet.

And finally, let’s consider what we can do to help bring Mother Earth back into balance.  What steps can we each take to care for the planet.  Mentally imagine sending healing energy to the planet.  Perhaps you visualize giving the Earth a hug, or maybe you imagine a giant bandage being placed over the planet.  Maybe you visualize healing hands being laid on the land or a healing white light surrounding the planet.  Whatever image comes to mind is fine.  Just take a few minutes here to focus on sending healing energy to the planet.

When this portion of the meditation feels complete, release your image of the planet and bring your focus back to your breath.  Feel each inhale and exhale.  Begin to become aware of the space around you.  The sounds.  The smells.  The textures touching your skin.  Start to come back fully into your body.  Allow your fingers and toes to wiggle.  Let your head gently rock from side to side.  Take a deep breath in and sigh it out.  Then when you are ready, slowly open your eyes.  Namaste.

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