Meditation for Service & Giving

Living a life of service and giving to others is a deeply rooted tradition in yoga.  This meditation is designed to help you focus on the ways in which you might better serve or give in your own life.  Remember that giving and doing acts of service aren’t just things to think about during this time of year.  It should be a regular mindset for us so we all can lead better, more intentional lives.  Namaste.

Sit comfortably with shoulders relaxed, placing the backs of your hands on your knees (palms facing up).  Begin to relax the body with each exhale.  Scanning the body from head to toe, letting each muscle release and relax.  Take as long as is needed for this step.

When the body is feeling settled and relaxed, place one hand over your heart and the other over your belly.  Feel each inhale and exhale in your belly.  Feel the beating of your heart in the center of your chest.  Connect to your body as you breathe.

Now, narrow your focus to the heart.  Visualize the heart.  See it in your mind’s eye.  Hear and feel your heartbeat.  Imagine your heart glowing – a bright green light (the color of the heart chakra).  Feel the warmth of the green light emanating from your heart.  Feel that light expanding beyond your heart, out into your whole body. 

Now see that light expand out even further, beyond your body, into the room, into your home, into your neighborhood.  See it expand out to encompass all your family, friends, loved ones, people you see in passing every day, as well as complete strangers.  Feel the warmth of your green light bringing light and warmth to everyone you encounter.

Now consider how you might be of service or give to those whom you are thinking about right now.  Is it through an act of kindness, a financial donation, or a gift in kind?  Is it your smile, your time, or your talents?  Just spend some time here as that green light surrounds and holds you and all those around you to consider how you might be of greater service, how you might be able to give to some of those who may be in need.

Stay here with this thought until it feels complete, then slowly allow your focus to fade from the green light back to the beating of your heart, and then from the beating of your heart to your body as a whole.  Following your breath in and out, feeling it at the tip of your nostrils.  Become aware of your whole body, the floor beneath you, and the room around you.  And when you are ready, slowly open your eyes.  Namaste.

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