Meditation for Transformation

For this month’s meditation on the blog, we will focus on transformation and being open to opportunities.  So, find a comfortable seat and let’s begin…

Sitting comfortably with your shoulders rolled down away from your ears, softly close your eyes and begin to relax into your breath.  Feel each inhale and exhale right at the tip of your nostrils.

With each exhale begin to relax every muscle in your body just a little bit more.  Relax the crown of your head.  Smooth out your forehead and temples.  Relax your cheeks and jaw.  Soften your throat.  Relax your shoulders down you back.  Allow your arms to be heavy, hands resting on your lap.  Relax your low back and hips.  Feel your sitz bones sink into the ground beneath you as your body relaxes.

Take a deep breath in and sigh it out, releasing any remaining tightness or tension from your body.  Let go of any thoughts and worries.  Let go of the day.  Let go of the week.  Let go of that unfinished To Do list.  Let go of everything but this moment, your body, and your breath.  Stay with the breath.

Now begin to visualize in your mind a butterfly leaving the cocoon it once entered as a caterpillar.  Consider the major transformation that takes place for that to happen.  Consider how marvelous nature is that a caterpillar can become a butterfly.

Now think about an area of your life where you either want or perhaps need to change.  Consider some of the ways in which your transformation might occur.  What actions do you need to take for that transformation to occur?  What attachments do you need to let go of?  What boundaries do you need to set up or perhaps break down?  What permissions do you need to grant yourself?  Take a few minutes to consider what is stopping you from allowing this transformation to take place. (Pause for as long as you need to here.)

When you are ready to shift your focus from that visualization on your transformation, move your awareness to your heart.  Feel your heart beating, perhaps even placing your hands on your heart.  Connect with your heart, with that inner space within you.  Grant yourself forgiveness and love, knowing that you can make that transformation any time you are ready.  Be loving and patient with yourself, perhaps even giving yourself a little mental hug. 

Take a deep breath in and sigh it out, releasing your focus on your heart.  Come back solely to the breath.  Know that when opportunities open to you, you have within you what it takes to make the transformation happen.  Take another deep breath in and release it slowly.  And when you are feeling ready, slowly open your eyes.  Namaste.

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