Ignite the Power Within

Our purpose is to inspire and cultivate a community of yogis who live their yoga on and off the mat. With every class and workshop, our intention is to provide a peaceful, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore their own yoga practice and nurture a lasting love for yoga. We welcome all students of all shapes and sizes, from new yogis to experienced practitioners.

All of us come to class for different reasons. These reasons may change day to day or moment to moment. Our studio works with each student to recognize the importance of their individual practice. We will help you increase awareness of your body and it’s needs. Our studio promotes individual growth by encouraging new poses, providing assistance to deepen poses, and having a strong body and breath connection. We will work hard to help you become passionate about your practice.

Our classes have a strong emphasis on being aware of your body and your breath and honoring your body every time you come to the mat. You will be amazed at what you are capable of and how you will see changes in yourself such as better posture, weight loss, better breathing, decreased stress, and improved strength and endurance.

Come join us with an open mind and heart, and we will help you develop a strong yoga practice, that will carry you through the day in all you do.