At Ignite Yoga & Wellness, we value our students and their yoga practice.  Our goal is to create a welcoming, uplifting, safe environment for all to enjoy and develop their yoga practice.  With that said it is important that we all familiarize ourselves with some ways we can all work together to enhance every student’s experience at the studio.


  • Always be sure to sign in when you arrive for class.
  • Remove your shoes upon entering our studio. We have provided cubbie space to store your belongings during our practice.
  • Silence your cell phones or turn if off prior to the beginning of class.
  • Don’t forget your belongings when you finish class.
  • If you arrive late to class, please enter peacefully, set up your mat quietly, and join the practice.
  • If you have to leave class early, please set up your practice space in the back of the room and gather your belongings and exit quietly to avoid any class disruptions. Please plan to leave the practice before the class enters savasana to respect the other students during their final relaxation poses.

Ignite is committed to providing students with a fulfilling practice and experience. Our goal is to enhance each student’s practice and bring out greatness from within.

As a new student, we ask that you fill out the waiver that is linked below and bring it with you to your first practice. We can’t wait to meet you!

Ignite Yoga New Student Waiver

Student Expectations – In Studio Classes