On the Blog this July: Freedom & Independence with Yoga

July is perhaps best known as the month we celebrate the birthday of America as a nation.  July 4th is a holiday long celebrated as a reminder of our independence as a nation.  And so, in keeping with the theme of freedom and independence this month, Ignite’s blog will focus on how yoga and meditation can help us to find freedom and independence from stress. 

We will examine some poses that help to relief stress, share a meditation designed to help relieve stress, as well as share the benefits and modifications for one particularly stress relieving pose.

So, get ready for some pampering posts this month in the Ignite Yoga & Wellness Blog… and allow yourself the opportunity to partake and enjoy a little freedom and independence from our long standing nemesis — stress.


PS: A reminder that we are now holding in-person yoga classes at Ignite Yoga South (200 Farm Lane, York PA at Firefly Hollow Wellness Center) in addition to our virtual class offerings. You can now choose to practice with us in person or continue from the comforts of home. Pre-registration is required for both. Be well and Happy July!

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