The Importance of Caring for Earth

What you can do…

When it comes to doing our part to protect the planet, the big three we always hear about are:

  1. Reduce – use less and don’t waste things
  2. Reuse – get creative and find ways to use things multiple time in a variety of ways
  3. Recycle – when you do throw something out, do so in a way that allows the item to find new life, new purpose

But there’s more ways to save our planet than just reduce, reuse and recycle (though those are great places to start).  Here are some additional ones to consider adding to your overall lifestyle habits:

  • Shop responsibly (consider the sustainability of products, shop small and local, and look into the sourcing of the goods we buy)
  • Plant a tree (it improves our air quality and the overall ecosystem)
  • Go paperless (in order to help save the trees that have been planted)
  • Switch from plastics (these are so toxic for us as individuals as well as the planet as a whole)
  • Drive less/carpool (keep those carbon emissions down so our air quality is healthier)
  • Conserve water and electricity (save our precious resources)
  • Reduce junk mail (such a waste of paper, and therefore an unnecessary waste of our trees)

Why it is important to do those things…

The Earth is a finite resource.  If we do not take care of her, she will not be able to take care of us (and our descendants).  We have a responsibility to care for the planet and everything on her, not just for our own sake, but for the sake of every living creature that inhabits her as well.  So much of our current environmental plight was brought on by our own choices.  Now is the time to choose differently and start to make a difference.  What will be your first step toward helping our planet?  We hope this short blog inspires you to take a few new steps to help preserve and protect our beautiful planet.  Namaste.

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