Tips for Boosting Your Immune System & Staying Healthy

  1. Remember simple tips for preventing the spread of germs.
    • Wash your hands with warm soap and water
    • Keep your fingers/hands off your face and out of your eyes, mouth and nose
    • Social distancing
    • Nasal cleansing (ex. Neti pot) to clean out nasal passage – especially important if you have been out and about among others
  2. Proper Nutrition – The food you eat plays a huge role in maintaining a strong immune system.
    • Avoid the middle aisles of the grocery stores
    • Avoid refined sugars (which suppress the immune system for 2-5 hours after negation)
    • Eat lots of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables (they contain phytonutrients & bioflavoids which directly strengthen our immune systems) – Eat them as a snack, use them to your favorite nutritious recipes, add them to smoothies, etc.
  3. Exercise – Exercising is great way to deal with stress & stimulate your immune system.
    • Choose activities you enjoy
    • If you have children, involve them in the activity as well
    • It can be something simple and for only a few minutes each day
  4. Reduce stress – Stress suppresses/weakens your immune system so proactively dealing with stress is critical.
    • Practice breathing
    • Meditate
    • Practice general self-care
    • Read
    • Take a walk outside
    • Adult coloring
    • Spend time on a hobby you enjoy 
  5. Immune boosting supplements can also help support your immune system. It is best to seek with a medical professional on how best to use supplements to support your overall health. 

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