Tips for Working from Home

Three Top Tips for Working from Home –

How to be Productive While Also Staying Healthy

  1. Establish a routine and a schedule.
    • Recognize it will not be like your normal routine…nor should it be, but having a routine is important to ensure focus and productivity while also avoiding the development of unhealthy habits 
    • Include meals and breaks in your schedule…even if you normally don’t have time for those under normal work circumstances, when you are working from home it is important to take time to nourish your body and mind
    • Have a proper work space that is comfortable and conducive to being productive
    • Set reminders for the items on your to do list and/or calendar
    • Use your calendar and set up times to work on certain activities or projects, check in with people, etc.  And remember to put your lunch and breaks on the calendar too!
  2. Make time for stretch breaks!
    • Movement is important for your health, your focus, and your creativity.
      • Sitting is the new smoking – research and studies have shown that more people die from illnesses related to a sedentary lifestyle than they do from smoking so be sure to get up and move around on your breaks.
      • Consider doing a little stretching, some chair yoga, or go for a short walk outside or up and down a flight of stairs in your house.
      • Need ideas for how to incorporate movement into your day?  There are a ton of resources online for a quick workout or movement routine.
    • Put your breaks on your calendar or use a time management tool (i.e. the Pomodoro method or use Alexa/Siri to set timers for you) to help with time management.  These tools can help keep you focused on work but also will remind you to take those important breaks.  There are also lots of time management apps available too.
    • You can even use your stretch breaks as incentives to stay focused on less desirable tasks.  Set benchmarks and reward yourself with a stretch break.
  3. Stay hydrated and eat regular, healthy meals.
    • It is easy to get side tracked with work and forget to hydrate or eat.  It is important to schedule meals and, if necessary, hydration breaks in order to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp and focused on your work.
    • Keep a glass of water with you at your work space making it easier to stay hydrated while you are working.
    • Consider meal planning and batch cooking to ensure you have healthy meals on hand and ready to eat – this will lessen the need to rely on junk food or already prepared store bought meals (which can be high in sodium, sugar, fat, etc.).

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