Tips to Avoid Going Stir-Crazy During Quarantine

Going stir-crazy with too much down time during this quarantine period?

Here are a few preventative measures to help keep you calm and sane during this housebound time we are currently in. 

1. Maintain some kind of routine – Routines help keep your nervous system stimulated which can help keep you from going completely stir crazy at times like this.  And while your routine in times like this will likely be different from your normal routine, try to develop some kind of routine for your “new normal”.  Consider adding self-care items to your routine as well, such as drink lots of water, eat healthy meals on a regular schedule, rest, exercise, etc.

2. Spend time on a hobby – If you don’t have a hobby, now is the perfect time to find one.  Prior to this quarantine, many of us would regularly complain about how we wish we had more time to do that thing we love to do… Well now you have that time, so take advantage of it.

 3. Stay connected – Talk to friends on the phone or virtually on a platform like Facetime or Zoom, start a group chat, start an online book club, host a movie viewing party where everyone watches the same film on Netflix and then you chat about it afterwards, listen to podcasts and share them with your friends, spend time with those you are currently sharing space with.  There are tins of ways to stay connected even when we are all stuck in our own homes.  

4. Catch up on those household projects – Similar to spending time on a hobby, we are always wishing we had more tie to take care of things around the house and now we have lots more time at home on our hands.  Make the most of it. Pick away at projects a little bit each day.

5. Go outside for a walk – A little fresh airs goes a long way plus the exercise is good for you!  Whether you take a walk by yourself or involve the whole family, getting out into nature is a great way to overcome that stir-crazy feeling.  

6. Reach out for help when you need it – We are in unprecedented times and it is not unusual to have a heightened sense of anxiety and stress. If that’s you, you are not alone. It’s totally normal to have those feelings.  If those feelings become too much for you to handle alone, don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, or professionals for a little extra help. It is important to honor how you are feeling and to take care of yourself, especially in times like this.

7. Meditation & Yoga – If you’re pulling your hair trying to work from home while your kids and significant other are home too or if you are going stir-crazy being stuck in the house so many days in a row, try a grounding yoga practice or a little meditation.  Yoga and meditation can help you relax, destress, and become more grounded and centered.  There are lots of classes available online and through smartphone apps.  Find one that resonates with you and helps you to find a little calm for your life.

The bottom line is that regardless of whether this pandemic fades away in a few weeks or longer, there are things you can do to navigate those moments when you just want to pull your hair out.  Take a deep breath and put one of these tools to work for you.  Be well!

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