Transformation & Being Open to Possibilities

One of the concepts that comes to mind when I think of the month of May is transformation.  Transformation in the sense of change that leads to new, beautiful things.  For example, you are probably familiar with the saying April showers bring May flowers.  In other words, with May comes a transformation of our environment – the green grass grows more quickly, the flowers and trees are in full bloom, and everything tends to feel a little brighter, newer, and fuller.  Transformation at its finest. 

But nature isn’t the only thing ready for transformation in May.  We often are ready as well.  After being cooped up all winter, waiting for the sunshine and warmer weather, when May arrives, we have the opportunity to begin our own transformation.  It is an opportunity to “shed” our winter self and open ourselves to the possibilities of the new season, to this transformational time of the year.

But how can you fully embrace this opportunity?  This truly can be different for each of us, but a few ideas to get you started would be:

  1. Take some time to sit quietly and reflect.  Whether this is in the form of meditation, sitting outside, or sitting alone in your home, the important thing is to sit quietly so you can reflect on what you want to let go of and/or what you want to take the opportunity to start doing.
  2. Journal about the things in your life you want to release or let go of and/or what new things you want to bring into your life.
  3. Create your own unique ritual to release the old and bring in the new.
  4. Make it a family event, including the whole family in deciding what old habits aren’t serving you anymore and need to be released and/or what new habits you want to begin incorporating into your daily lives.

Again, there is no right or wrong way to bring this transformation into your life.  Whether you want to break some bad habits you picked up over the winter months, create new habits you’ve been meaning to get to, or completely change course with your life, May is a wonderful time for those transformations.  Be open to the possibilities and give yourself the opportunity to make those changes for the better.  Let yourself to be motivated by nature to transform your own life this month. Namaste.

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