Yoga and The Stress Connection

By Bobbi Billman, Owner, Ignite Yoga & Wellness

As featured in York County Medicine Magazine, Summer 2019 edition

“The greatest wealth is health,” according to the Roman poet Virgil. So why are so many of us squandering it, instead of making an investment in healthy living?

Despite the presence of technology designed to make our lives easier, stress and anxiety remain constant companions. While the plethora of apps and software facilitate the daily grind, tight deadlines, increased workloads, and the challenges of balancing work and home life increases our stress load.

Societal pressures (both real and perceived) keep us plugged in to a constant pulse.  We are overstimulated with text messages, emails, and notifications that bombard us one alert tone to the next. The impact is evident in the overall decline of our health and mental wellness.

A decrease in sleep quality, coupled with the inability to relax, has led to a reduction in our ability to be resilient in difficult times. The impact of shorter fuses, intolerance of others, and a lack of patience is ever-present and can be seen everywhere from the nightly news to the latest research on the health of our global population.

As a long time yoga practitioner and teacher…

Check out the full article that was featured in the York County Medicine Magazine’s Summer 2019 edition

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