Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga Really is for Every Body

There is no such thing as a “yoga body”.  In reality, yoga bodies come in all shapes and sizes.  Survey a handful of classes at various studios and you will find a wide variety of people in the rooms.  Do a Google search and find resources, videos, and articles by yoga teachers of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

With so many types of yoga, there really is a type of yoga that will resonate with every body.  Yoga, in general, is a low impact activity, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations or concerns.  Plus, with all the potential modifications teachers can offer, there are so many options available.  Yoga poses have a basic set of guidelines, but it is up to you to listen to your body and make any adjustments as needed (with the assistance of the teacher as needed). 

Yoga is something that can be practiced every day if you choose to do so.  The more you practice, the more confident and comfortable you will feel in the poses, no matter who you are or how long you have been practicing. 

Yoga can be done pretty much anywhere at any time.  It is incredibly flexible and portable.  Practice at work while sitting in your chair.  Practice at home, in a studio, or while on vacation.  Practice with others or alone.  Practice with instruction (live or video) or practice on your own.  So many options!!  Again… ANYONE CAN DO YOGA!

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga, which is a great reason for everyone to do yoga!  Less stress is certainly among the top reasons to practice, but so are things like increased strength balance, stability, and flexibility, relaxation, as well as improved sleep and memory.  There are thousands of studies that have been done as to the benefits of yoga for everyone – the benefits are not specific to any type of person in particular…if you consistently practice yoga you can receive the same benefits as anyone else who is also practicing yoga.

Yoga is all about how you feel in your body, not about how you look.  It is about connecting with your body and breath.  It is about feeling the poses in your body, not about comparing your body to someone else’s.  Yoga is not a competition either.  Yoga is a very personal practice.  It is about you and your body, plain and simple.  The bottom line is, your practice WILL look different than someone else’s – that is how it is supposed to be.

So now that we are clear on the fact that yoga is for every body, how do you decide which yoga is right for you, given the wide array of options that are out there?   A few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Read class descriptions to gain a better understanding of a class prior to taking it
  2. Ask people you know who go to classes for their thoughts and opinions on various classes
  3. Call or visit the studio and ask questions so you can discern if it will be a good fit for you
  4. Attend open houses or beginner sessions if/when they are offered
  5. Look for “First Class Free” opportunities so you can try classes before making any commitments
  6. Don’t give up if one class at one studio doesn’t feel right… fine tune your search and then give a different class a try!
  • Bobbi Billman, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Ignite Yoga of York

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