Yoga Prop Ideas

Given that we are all quarantined at home right now, keeping up with our yoga practice can be a bit challenging in a number of ways.  One such challenge for practicing at home is related to yoga props, as many of yoga students don’t have their own blocks, straps and bolsters at home.  And while we could easily hop on Amazon and order up a few items, that can get expensive.  So instead, one option is to use common household items…things you already have on hand.

Here are a few ideas of common household items you could use as substitutes for yoga props so you can enjoy your yoga practice from home a bit more …

  1. Yoga blocks
    • A thick book or several books tied together
    • A shoe box or other similarly sized book, filled with something so it doesn’t collapse easily
    • Folded towels or blankets can work as well
  2. Straps
    • A scarf
    • A tie
    • A belt
    • A robe belt
    • A piece of rope
    • A jump rope
  3. Bolsters
    • A towel or blanket rolled/folded
    • Pillows
    • A cushion from your couch or other type of upholstered furniture
  4. Blankets
    • A beach towel
    • A blanket from your bed or perhaps a blanket you use when you curl up on the couch to watch a movie or read a book
  5. Yoga mat
    • Beach towel or other larger sized towel (just be sure you are on a non-slip surface it using one of these)
    • Exercise mats in general will work fine
    • If you are practicing in a carpeted room you may find you don’t need a mat…perhaps just a towel or blanket when you are on the ground
  6. Meditation cushion
    • Stacks of blankets or towels
    • A thicker pillow or cushion

Don’t let a lack of props prevent you from continuing your practice during these quarantine times.  Look around your house, and get creative.  Play with different options and see what works best for you. And then relax and enjoy.  Namaste!

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