Class Schedule

Our schedule changes from time to time throughout the year in order to provide you with the best array of classes for each season. Be sure to check out the current schedule. We look forward to seeing you on your mat!

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Class Prices

As of January 1st, 2018

Class Packages:

  • Single Class (Drop-in Rate) $15
  • 5 Class Pass $65 ($13/class; expires in 2 months)
  • 10 Class Pass $120 ($12/class; expires in 3 months)
  • 20 Class Pass $210 ($11/class; expires in 4 months)

Monthly Packages:

  • New Student Special $40 (unlimited yoga for first month at Ignite; this is a one time offer)
  • Monthly Unlimited Classes $70 (unlimited yoga for a month)
  • College Student Special $30 (unlimited yoga for a month)*

Ask about our discounted Military*, Retiree, and Corporate+ Monthly options.

Yearly Package:

  • Yearly Unlimited Classes $770 (unlimited yoga all year; must pay in full to receive this option)
*Must show appropriate ID when purchasing this option
+Select corporate discounts are available – ask if your employer participates

If you chose to auto renew your Monthly Unlimited membership you will receive 10% off specialty workshops as well.  To register for auto renewal is easy.  You must access it from a desktop computer.  Auto renewal is listed under contracts, but can be cancelled at any time.   If you are needing assistance with this please email or ask staff.

Corporate Pricing

Ignite currently offers a special monthly unlimited rate of $65 to the employees of WellSpan, local School Districts, and local police and fire departments.  To receive the discounted rates, simply show a valid work ID to a staff member.

Employers wishing to offer a corporate discount at Ignite to their employees can email Bobbi at for more information.

Want to offer special classes for your employees?  We do that too!  Contact us today for more information.  Let us partner with you to help make yoga even more accessible to your employees.

Student Pricing

School Student Special Monthly Classes $30

For the cost of $30, you will have unlimited access to any class of your choice. This class package is only offer to students with valid student ID’s.

Military Pricing

Active duty Military and Veterans receive a 10% discount when they sign up for Unlimited Monthly Yoga (discounted price of $63/month).  Simply show your ID to staff to receive the discounted price.  Thank you for your service!

Welcome New Students

At Ignite Yoga, we value our students and their yoga practice. Our goal is to create a welcoming, uplifting, safe environment for all to enjoy and develop their yoga practice.


Yogi of the Month

Yogi of the Month

What exactly is Yogi of the Month?

Every month the teachers at Ignite select one student to be the Yogi of the Month.  Yogis of the Month are individuals who beautifully exemplify what it means to live their yoga.  They may be new to yoga or they may be long-time veterans, but either way they are dedicated to their practice, they meet themselves on their mats every week, and they share their yoga through their very being.  We are so very excited to share these amazing individuals with you every month.

We highlight them in our electronic newsletter, feature them on the bulletin board in the studio entryway, and post about them on our website.  If you see this month’s Yogi of the Month, be sure to congratulate them!  And who knows, you could be the next one!

November Yogi of the Month, Anita Grove

When I think of yoga, I think of the word surprise!  When you turn 57 years old, it is sometimes difficult to find something in life that provides frequent, delightful surprise…where one completely departs from the expected!

My first yoga surprise was the warmth and kindness of my Ignite yoga community.  Next, the strength and balance for both mind and body that I have been able to achieve here…again both surprises and delights me!  And finally, being introduced to the powerful idea of living yoga off of the mat – THAT is a beautiful plan for my practice, and a life goal.  Yoga was always there and I just had to find it!

On a recent trip to Florida, I asked my husband to take my picture while doing tree pose at the water line.  The sunset was bright and neither of us saw the sailboat visible between my arms…another yoga surprise!  Another way to live your yoga off the mat is by staying alert and looking for your yoga surprise!

December/January Yogi of the Month – Jillian Black

I found yoga over five years ago after graduating from college. Like many adults in their early 20’s, I was trying to find myself, new hobbies, and my future. I had previously heard of the benefits yoga can give, so my anxious/Type A personality agreed that I should give it a try. Needless to say, my first few class was slightly rocky. The studio was packed with dedicated yogis who looked like professionals in every pose. I however, looked like an uncoordinated fish out of water. My self consciousness got the best of me, and I decided not to return.

One year had passed since my initial class. My coworker was making several attempts to convince me to join her weekly yoga class. Reluctantly, I decided to attend, after hearing about her ease in anxiety from the practice (she knew my personality well). Our class was held in a small garage studio, run by Dayna Pinkerton. The practice was physically demanding, way too warm, and I still felt self conscious, but Dayna’s ease of life intrigued me to learn more about yoga and continue to push myself. After months of dedication, I began to achieve success in poses I felt to be impossible at my start. My confidence was growing and so was my interest. I decided I needed to push further and practice more often. I joined Ignite.

Joining Ignite was joining a community of smart, kind, and talented individuals who warmly greeted me into their group. Here, I was able to experience a multitude of talented instructors, who only added to challenges on my mat. These challenges continued to help me grow in my confidence and strength. I noticed my stress melt away, stress that I had held onto for long periods of time. I left each class feeling kinder to myself, kindness that helped me appreciate who I was to my core. Ignite quickly became a second home, in which I felt safe, nurtured, and able to express my best self. I even started to appreciate the difficult moments on my mat (even my first class), realizing that they have helped me grow in my practice and my life.

My studio continues to be a home where I can engage in self care, gain strength, make connections, and practice presence wherever I am. Over the course of five years, I have learned that my best self involves a steady yoga practice. I credit everyone who is part of Ignite to contributing to my best self. In the future, I hope to pay forward what my practice and my studio has given me, a powerful change in life.


22 Feb

Mar. 18 | Chakra Flow Workshop

Chakra Flow Workshop w/Monea Tamara on Sunday, March 18th from 1 -3 pm.   Feeling a little stale and dormant from winter? In need of a little mental, physical, and energetic Spring cleaning?   Well join Monea for a transformative Chakra Flow Workshop and to walk into spring feeling stable, …

18 Feb

Mar. 16 | Pranayama, Yoga, & Meditation workshop

Pranayama, Yoga, & Meditation Workshop Friday, March 16th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm A relaxing and gentle yoga class incorporating breath work (pranayama) and meditation in conjunction with the asanas (yoga poses). This class is perfect for beginners as well as veteran yogis looking to deepen their yoga practice by …

29 Jan

Feb. 23 | Reinforcing Positive Energy 101 – Clear Negativity in Your Life

Reinforcing Positive Energy 101 – Clear Negativity in Your Life Friday, February 23rd from 6:00 – 7:30 pm   Are you looking to clear some negative energy in your home or in your personal space? Do you feel like you absorb negative energy from others and wish you could stop …