Meditation for Inner Peace

As we continue to explore these ideas of inner peace and wellness this month, it is certainly appropriate to add in a little meditation, don’t you think? 

Meditation is an opportunity to calm and quiet the mind.  It is unrealistic to expect a silent mind when we meditation, but rather the goal is to try and clam it, quiet it, having fewer thoughts than normal running through it.  Meditation is a practice and as with all practices, some days are “better” than others.  As such, it is important to remember as we meditation to suspend judgment on what is/is not supposed to be…just be in the moment and notice whatever is, because whatever is today in your meditation practice may well not be the case tomorrow.  Be open to the possibilities and embrace the practice, meeting yourself wherever you are today.

So, with that said, our stage is set for a little meditation practice to support inner peace and wellness.  To begin this practice, find a comfortable seat either in a chair with feet firmly placed on the ground or seated comfortably on the floor.  You want to sit up tall and allow your shoulders to relax down away from your ears.  Softly close your eyes and begin to take notice of the muscles in your body…noticing where they feel tight or tense.  Anywhere you feel tightness in your muscles, pause there and breathe for a moment or two until the tightness begins to release.  Begin your scan at the top of your head and work slowly down your body, all the way to the bottoms of your feet.

Once your body scan is complete and your muscles are feeling a bit more relaxed, allow your breath to follow at its normal, natural pace (not too fast or too slow).  Now bring your focus to your heart.  Feel your heart beating.  Focus on your heartbeat for a few moments.

Now imagine a bright, white light emanating out from your heart, slowly filling your body and eventually surrounding your whole body.  Allow yourself to feel the warmth of this white light that now surrounds you.  Feel the comfort and safety the light gives you.  Stay here in this space for a few moments, just breathing.  Then begin to silently say these words to yourself as you breathe in and out – I am (on the inhale) at peace (on the exhale).  Repeat this mantra as you breathe for as long as you wish.  Once it feels complete, or you are nearing the end of the time you have available to sit in meditation, release the mantra.

To wrap up your meditation, after releasing the mantra, take a deep breath in and the sigh it out.  Sit in stillness until you feel like you are ready to open your eyes, then do so.

The journey to inner peace and wellness begins with a first step, and it can be a small step.  The important thing is to continue taking those steps every day.  This meditation can be modified to include any mantra you find meaningful and helpful.  Feel free to play with it and see what works best for you.  Above all, take time for yourself every day to sit and relax, to breathe, and if you are open to it, to meditate.


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